A guide to cellaring and drinking your Goodfellow and Matello wines.


One of Oregon's coolest vintages, 2010 is my favorite. Small, but if you are lucky enough to have 2010 Willamette Valley wines in your cellar, you have some good days coming.

Durant Pinot noir is perfectly lovely now, although it will age for many more years. This remains probably my favorite bottling from the vineyard, up until the 2016. 2010 Whistling Ridge is approachable, but wants 30 minutes open, and while it's a gorgeous wine I still recommend holding it for another 1-5 years. 2010 Souris is aromatically compelling, but if you can hold off I think you will be rewarded. 2010 Lazarus and Hommage are drinking well, although I think the Lazarus will be better in 2020.

2010 Whistling Ridge Blanc is definitely a wine to cellar a few more years, as is the 2010 Riesling.

The 2010 Richard's Cuvée Chardonnay, is ready to drink, but opens up over a couple of hours so please don’t rush the tasting experience. 2010 is the inaugural vintage of the Clover Pinot Gris bottling and it's beautiful but will continue to reward patience.

*Under natural cork there is always a distinct amount of bottle variation. As the wines age, this variation becomes more distinct. Regarding the notes here, all wines have been tasted recently, but for all bottles YMMV.*

**This post covers Matello wines**