A guide to cellaring and drinking your Goodfellow and Matello wines.


The third hot vintage of my career, and the previous practice shows itself well.

The Lazarus Cuvée is delicious, if fleshy and certainly a drink now wine.

The Souris needs more time in the cellar. Along those lines, the Hommage may be my favorite iteration of that cuvée, but it needs to be 10 years old before it's opened.

Winter's Hill is in the window, and can be consumed anytime. Its a big wine, and probably needs to be consumed now.

2009 Whistling Ridge is the star of the vintage at this time. Smokey in a perfectly Burgundian way, the wine is moving from primary fruit dominant to being controlled by secondary aspects that add layers to the fruit, and the vineyard is guarded enough in nature to avoid the sins of hot vintages. Drink now(with a decant)-2028.

2009 whites over achieved. The 2009 Pinot Gris and Caprice both are in a good drinking window. The 2009 Whistling Ridge Blanc is delicious right now and I recommend opening it.

*Under natural cork there is always a distinct amount of bottle variation. As the wines age, this variation becomes more distinct. Regarding the notes here, all wines have been tasted recently, but for all bottles YMMV.*

This post covers Matello wines.**