A guide to cellaring and drinking your Goodfellow and Matello wines.


The Pinot Noirs from this vintage are in the archetypal “dumb” phase right now, please do not open them.

Mother Nature brought the heat in 2014, and while a large crop helped mitigate the warmth a bit, these are no shrinking violets… or there weren’t any the first few years at least. We opened the Whistling Ridge, Durant and Bishop Creek Pinot Noirs this past week(March 2019), and only the Durant held even the barest hint of the generosity of the vintage. Day three they had all improved, but not to a degree that I would recommend opening them now. This is your angsty teenager… you love them and remember who they were, but what they will become may take some faith and patience. Open your ‘13s(see the vintage post), and your ‘15s or ‘16s with a decant if you are looking at a set of more current vintages.

Whites however are excellent, with the Chardonnays leading the way. The Richard's Cuvee is best open for 5-6 hours, and the Durant is in the early stages of a heightened plateau. The 2014 Whistling Ridge Blanc is evolving texturally, showing exquisite fruit expression and  should last at least 8-10 years. 

 updated 3/17/19