A guide to cellaring and drinking your Goodfellow and Matello wines.


A remarkable vintage: a late cold and wet spring led to a small crop and some furrowed brows regarding whether we had the necessary days to ripen fruit (although recent experiences with 2010 and 2011 said that good and great wines were still a possibility.) Then a perfect ripening season provided the vines all the energy they needed, and winemakers the hang time they desired. As a vintage, these wines are a "Hold". Dense and rich, still holding on to a youthful tension but with added weight and mystery. This is a wine waiting to unfold. Unless you have a case or two to wade through please wait with it, check in again in a year or two, 2020 seems like a lovely year to start.

2012 Whites are beautiful. Drink the Chardonnays over the next 5 years, and hold the Whistling Ridge Blanc for another 2-15  years before digging into it.

*Under natural cork there is always a distinct amount of bottle variation. As the wines age, this variation becomes more distinct. Regarding the notes here, all wines have been tasted recently, but for all bottles YMMV.*

**This post covers both Goodfellow and Matello wines.