A guide to cellaring and drinking your Goodfellow and Matello wines.


Our original vintage, and what an auspicious vintage to begin! From a total of 186 cases, I made two wines. The Willamette Valley is lovely, demure, and in a great space. Drink sooner rather than later. The Hommage a'A&D is thriving and beautiful, with more years to come but perfectly ready to drink. If you have either of these two wines still in the cellar, let me know if you're planning on drinking them soon (I am guessing you probably also already have my cell number, since the 186 cases didn't go far....)

*Under cork, wines over 10 years of age develop considerable bottle variation. Our thoughts on these wines are based upon recent samples, but each bottle is unique.*

**This post covers Matello wines**

Marcus Goodfellow at Whistling Ridge Vineyard