A guide to cellaring and drinking your Goodfellow and Matello wines.


Arguably one of the greatest vintages ever in the Willamette Valley, the one drawback is that the wines are extremely long lived and many continue to want time in the cellar or decanting., The Willamette Valley is deeply hued, dense, and powerful. The Hommage is a study in dark fruit, balanced by bright acidity and distinct structure. It takes an hour to open up. 2005 also saw my first single vineyard wine, 50 cases of Whistling Ridge Pinot Noir. The 2005 Whistling Ridge is in a stage where I recommend either continuing to cellar the wine, or open with a decanter ready. Not all bottles are tight, but that does seem to be common. 2005 Souris has no end in site, and I would recommend either continuing to cellar it, or open it with the understanding that it may take 6-8 hours to open up (or an hour in a decanter.)

*Under cork, wines over 10 years of age develop considerable bottle variation. Our thoughts on these wines are based upon recent samples, but each bottle is unique. *

**This post covers Matello wines**