A guide to cellaring and drinking your Goodfellow and Matello wines.


One of Oregon's warmest vintages, these wines are burly and fruit rich. 350 cases total production yielded three wines. The Willamette Valley bottling is surprisingly youthful, but also ginormously fruited and weighty from a rather robust abv. Drink 750ml bottles sooner, rather than later, and mags at your leisure. The Hommage was very broad and dark early in life and is now, IMO, past it's prime. Alive but a bit ponderous. The 2003 Souris was a composite of favorite barrels as always, but an very large portion were from Stony Mountain fruit, fermented with 30% whole clusters, and produced a very balanced wine for the vintage. This is waning, but still beautiful.

*Under cork, wines over 10 years of age develop considerable bottle variation. Our thoughts on these wines are based upon recent samples, but each bottle is unique.*

**This post covers Matello wines**